We are hiring: VR/AR developer and Real-Time artist!

3D/Real-Time Artist

Fake needs new talent. Someone might call this person a multitalented 3D generalist. We call him or her a welcome team member. Your background can be in pure 3D modeling or game development. The essential thing is that you work fluently in a 3D environment and have a passion and ability to use your skills as part of the team in real-time productions. Proven skills from Unreal/Unity don’t hurt and experience from offline skills in shading, lighting and rendering are highly valued.

We operate with Softimage, Arnold, Maya, ZBrush, Unreal, Unity and plenty of more programs to support our flow.

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VR and AR developer

Real muscles needed to strengthen our VR team. We're looking for a developer with a good understanding of interactive 3D application development in particular. You may have experience from game engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine, or your background may be in business applications.

What matters most is that despite your considerable experience as a developer, you are flexible and able to adopt new technologies. Feeling passionate about your favorite tool or paradigm is a plus, but you should be open-minded towards any engine, platform or programming language that takes us to the goal. On any given day you might find yourself working with the Google Street View Javascript API, building extensions to Unreal Engine's C++ codebase or crafting C# scripts for a Unity based project. The scene is advancing fast and your tasks may vary wildly.

As you already have a successful track record as a developer we're not really concerned whether you fit some specific buzzword template. What matters most is that you feel comfortable at the edge of your comfort zone, building exciting applications on the latest & greatest technology available.

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