Fake offers large scale of digital image services that are a high quality answers in ever-changing digital landscape. We are known for highly rated imagery with experience and expertise.

- CG Imagery, 3D and 2D Animation, Interactive Animation

Fake creates emotive animation - whether it is a photo-realistic 3D or stylized 2D, Computer-generated imagery, characters or lifelike creatures, we bring ideas into life through storytelling, timing and movement.

- 3D Product Visualization, Advanced 3D Modeling

Our passion is to open for our audience a world of unlimited visual possibilities. Whether it’s 3D product visualization or refined 3D modeling, creating impressive fantasy landscape or realistic texture design, our artists produce exceptional results.


Smoke, fire or sky replacements in existing footage, even fully fictional photorealistic fantasy scenes. You might not pay attention to them but somehow your mind is blown up by inspiration, Visual Effects are always remembered.

- Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Color Grading

Our extensive range of post production services includes video editing, color grading & motion graphics. Post-production is the final step in film creation.


For us, effective aesthetic communication will always be our main expertise, no matter what the platform is. Alongside to traditional ones, VR is the most powerful platform we know of right now, and we are ready to build exceptional stories that literally surround you.


Augmented reality differs from Virtual Reality in that it charms visually users in their real, physical environment, rather than creating an entirely new environment. This versatile technology is currently used in showcasing products, augmented spaces such as construction sites and interior design, training and education, repairs, tours and maps. And we master it 100%.


Fake produces skillful crafted cinematic, exceptional advertising and in-game design that draws players in. Together with world-known game companies we create game communication that kicks it up a notch.

Fake is part of the VR/AR Association.