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We also accept general applications. Please always include CV, link to your showreel and a description of your experience and current employment situation.

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Software / Development
Juha Ruistola, CTO
+358 40 589 3919

Artist positions
Saku Partamies, Producer
+358 45 643 4568 


We are now strengthening our software development team. The team works on a networked collaboration software product. The software spans several HW and OS platforms and technologies such as VR and AR. Read more about our upcoming software from here or here.

Our general requirements

  • You must bring value to the team

Our general offers

  • Flexibility, we’re not strict on roles and titles.
  • Amazing daily lunch
  • Pretty nice salary
  • Possibility to smoothly upgrade your skills from traditional software and digital development to the future world of 3D/VR/AR



Software Engineer

We are looking for experts with very specific skillset such as machine learning, spatial audio, etc.

Traditional enterprise application development skills (C#, end of the .NET stack,…) are good. In our team you get a smooth and interesting transition to 3D/VR/AR programming. That’s a rare and futureproof opportunity!

DevOps Engineer

We are looking for a new team member to take ownership of the CI/CD pipeline of our software product. This is a critical role as our system consists of both web-based and native applications on multiple platforms, both desktop and mobile, including various augmented/virtual reality systems.

We continuously optimise our process in order to minimise manual workflows and to avoid reinventing the wheel. So if you’re looking for an opportunity to integrate the latest & greatest cloud-based services to our development, testing and deployment processes, you’re the person we’re looking for!

Full-Stack Web Developer

We are looking for web developers to help us develop our collaboration software with a full cloud backed web app and native client applications on multiple platforms. The client application is a real-time 3D system based on video game tech supporting both augmented and virtual reality platforms. It’s managed with a web interface and relies on a cloud back end. Your web development skills will be part of stunning interactive 3D experiences!